Walking to the river and back – a time lapse experiment

I tried a time-lapse video of walking from my house to the Nakagawa and back – about 1 km away. The whole trip was about 30 minutes, condensed to about 30 seconds. All I did was leave my iPhone in my pocket.

I don’t think I would actually call this a “success.” Maybe if the camera was pointed straight ahead the whole time it would seem a little less “psychedelic” and chaotic. If you have problems with sensory overload I don’t recommend watching this video.

But what the hey – it’s recorded, so online it goes!

Back in Tokyo, Monta seems happy, and there are some cherry blossoms still in full bloom!

I got back home a few hours ago. Monta seemed happy to see me. I noticed some sakura were still in bloom, so used my reserve strength to go on a bicycle ride along the Nakagawa. Most trees have had half or more of the cherry blossoms fall, but some are still in full bloom.

You can click on photos to see them larger.


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