To have and have not

Lately I’ve found myself watching this nice, well-made, nostalgic-feeling Kodak commercial from around 1960.

When looking at the album in the commercial though I have this feeling like, “The physical photos are so fleeting. I’m glad I have digital photos now so I always have them.”

My mother, on the other hand, when she looks at photos on her iPad sometimes asks, “Can I have this photo?” I say, “You do have it” but I realize she means she doesn’t feel like she “has it” unless it’s an actual printed photo.

We feel a slightly different sense of what it means to “have something.”
And what about memories? We have those as well, don’t we?


Barley rice and pumpkin (could use some advice with this one)

Lunch today was another cooking adventure. 

This meal was definitely filling, but I could use some suggestions as to seasonings, advice on how I made this and confirmation about whether these calories are for real or not.

Serves 1 (but is maybe “too much”):

1. Microwave one 200 gm package of barley rice (mugi gohan) for 2 minutes at 500 watts.

2. Take that out of the oven, put on the side and put a plate of cut, washed pumpkin in the oven. Cover with a glass bowl. Microwave on high for 5 minutes. 

3. Arrange nicely on the plate, add seasonings to taste and eat. I seasoned with kumin, black pepper and a slight bit of non-oil dressing.

This was ok, but here are my discussion points and questions:

1. The way I made the pumpkin was easy, and the pumpkin came out nice and soft with a good texture. Unlike with the baked potato the other day, I covered this because I wanted to get a full steaming effect. One problem is that when you try to take it out everything is truly scaldingly hot beyond belief. And so was the steam after I removed the top bowl. I guess I need special gloves for that. Any suggestions on a better way to cook the pumpkin? This was quick and simple, and the pumpkin itself came out perfect. But if anybody has any better ideas…? Also better seasoning or sauce suggestions would be welcome.

2. Barley rice isn’t brown rice, but it is lower calorie and has just as much fiber because of the barley mixed it. I am guessing it is just as healthy?

3. I have to learn that just because I buy a package of something it doesn’t mean I have to eat it all in one meal. 🙂 In this case, the pumpkin came to 309 gm! That plus the 200 grams of rice means my lunch was more than half a kilo! It felt a bit too much. I am thinking I should have maybe just used a few pieces at a time and mix it in with the rice.

4. My big question. Are pumpkin calories really that low?! I entered 309 gm of pumpkin at MyFitnessPal and it logged just 101 calories in my food diary! I couldn’t believe this so checked with Calorie King and there it is just 26 calories per 100 gm, about the same. Is that really true? That’s less than one-third the calories of potatoes. But they are just as filling as potatoes. It just seems wrong somehow.

If the pumpkin calories are true, it means the entire lunch was just 387 calories. Seems unbelievable.

Anyway, comments are welcome.